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Our vision

Confronting climate change

The problem is clear: climate change is here and we are increasingly feeling the effects. Whether it's the heatwaves in summer that dry out our urban green spaces or the heavy rains that overflow drains and flood cellars - or cause damage at an even larger scale. Fortunately, there are solutions for our cities.


Protection for cities and citizens

If we are to continue to enjoy life in the Ruhr area and our urban homes in the future, we need to do something about the consequences of climate change. That is why it is our mission to drive forward climate-friendly change and make cities in the Emscher-Lippe region ready for the future. Our vision: blue-green sponge cities that absorb rainwater to use and store it or discharge it into the groundwater.

Water is the key to healthy urban green spaces, a pleasant urban climate and a happy urban population.

Portrait von Marcus Beck
Zitat-Anfang The increasingly frequent occurrence of extreme weather events highlight the challenges faced by urban planning. Zitat-Ende

Marcus BeckCity Coordinator of the Klima.Werk in Dinslaken

Climate protection looks good

The Ruhr area is becoming a better place to live

By planning cities with water conservation and climate change adaptation in mind, we create liveable, sustainable cities where people want to be. Creating a sponge city through urban planning not only ensures that we protect our immediate environment from the effects of climate change. It also creates attractive living spaces and recreational green spaces for its inhabitants.

  • Green spaces in urban areas provide better air quality and cool shade, absorb fine dust and provide a habitat for insects and animals
  • Water from the city enters the natural water cycle and nourishes plants and replenishes groundwater
  • Urban spaces are being transformed into liveable neighbourhoods, with plenty of space for everyone and natural environments that promote a sense of well-being

See for instance our visualisation for the town centre of Herten, which confirms that the Ruhr area looks even better in blue and green. The Ruhr area looks even better in blue and green. Numerous eco-friendly climate adaptation measures will turn the grey city centre into a “green living room” for the city's residents.

Zwei Menschen umarmen sich und laufen glücklich durch eine begünte Straße.
Zitat-Anfang In a metropolis like the Ruhr area, where neither heat nor heavy rainfall stops at the city limits, climate adaptation can only really succeed if everyone works together. Zitat-Ende

Henrike AbromeitCity Coordinator of the Klima.Werk in Bottrop

Our focus

The Ruhr Metropolis presents a particular challenge to cities and municipalities: where one city ends, another begins. And all of them have a similarly high proportion of sealed surfaces. That is why we are working across all the cities that are part of the Klima.Werk to create the environmentally friendly and climate-proof region of tomorrow. We focus on three areas: urban water, urban green and urban change.

Some examples of our projects:

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