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Working together for climate-resilient urban development

The challenges of climate change can only be met by working together to find solutions - which is exactly what the Klima.Werk aims to do.

Municipalities in the Emscher-Lippe region work together with Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband as well as a large number of partners on an interdisciplinary basis and at eye level - a network for a liveable and climate-resilient region. Whether it's heavy rainfall or drought: as the Zukunftsinitiative Klima.Werk, we want to mitigate the consequences of climate change and make city life more attractive for citizens in the long term. Together we have a blue-green vision for our cities. From Duisburg to Holzwickede and from Mülheim an der Ruhr to Recklinghausen or Dorsten, we pursue one goal: to strengthen the cities through climate action and adaptation and thus work towards the creation of a climate-resilient future for the entire metropolitan region!

We are the Zukunftsinitiative Klima.Werk

Together for our Cities

Large, innovative ideas are best implemented together - which is precisely why cities in the Emscher-Lippe region have joined forces with Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband in the Zukunftsinitiative Klima.Werk. Through this partnership, we are actively defending our cities against the climate change. We are pioneers both in our region and beyond. We are committed to turning talk into climate action.

We are working towards our goal across municipalities and departments. City coordinators in each municipality act as internal and external contact points for issues relating to the Klima.Werk. They promote issues, exchange ideas within expert networks and initiate projects that contribute to our blue-green vision. The city coordinators work with the service organisation that provides the cities with guidance in planning and implementing municipal climate change adaptation strategies.

Portrait Andreas Giga
Zitat-Anfang Our common goal is a sustainable, water-sensitive urban development that will noticeably reduce the negative consequences of climate change. Zitat-Ende

Andreas GigaHead of the Service Organisation of the Klima.Werk at EGLV

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